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A great gift option for your favorite dad or grad, the Tribit XSound Go normally runs $36.



The Tribit XSound Go is a great mini-speaker for the money.


On the hunt for a grad gift or dad gift? I have just the thing.

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For a limited time, and while supplies last, the?Tribit XSound Go portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker is just $23.82?when you apply promo code TBINST20?at checkout. It normally sells for $36, already a pretty stellar deal. (That said, it was a tad lower -- $21.44 -- a few months back.)

If you're a regular Cheapskate reader, you know that a?Bluetooth speaker?in this price range isn't uncommon. But the?XSound Go?is notable for a few reasons, not the least of which is that?CNET has reviewed it?-- and found it "an excellent mini speaker for the money."?

For starters, it's fully waterproof. The?IPX7 rating?means it can actually survive being immersed in water -- so no problem if it accidentally falls in the pool or lake. (Just to be clear, though, it does?not?float.)

You also get pretty amazing battery life: up to 24 hours at medium volume. Just make sure to allow yourself a good 4 hours to fully recharge that battery.

Finally, there's sound quality. I haven't tested the XSound Go myself, but Carnoy put it through its paces. Verdict: very good overall, if a bit lacking in bass.

Tribit backs the speaker with an 18-month warranty, which is also above average for a product like this. This is easy to recommend at $36, but at $24? Cheapskate Seal of Approval, no question.

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