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The Good The $1,650 Kenmore Elite 41072 washing machine has a 5.2-cubic-foot capacity, solid performance, and 14 different cleaning cycles.

The Bad $1,650 is a lot to spend on a single laundry appliance. Fortunately, you can currently find it on sale for just under $1,000 at Sears.

The Bottom Line Kenmore's 41072 performs well and can hold a lot more laundry than your standard front-load washer, making it a huge asset for larger families.

8.2 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Usability 9
  • Features 9
  • Performance 7

Rather than making its own fridges, ovens and washing machines, Sears-exclusive Kenmore products are essentially rejiggered versions of products from mainstream appliance manufacturers. This $1,650 Kenmore Elite 41072, for example, is a variation of the $1,600 LG WM8000HVA.

With a huge drum capacity, above-average cleaning power, easy-breezy controls, and an appealing aesthetic, the high-end 41072 is a smart purchase. That's especially true if your current standard-size washer can't keep up with your laundry needs. Bonus: It's available at Sears right now for just $990.

How much washer do you really need?

I can think of a few specific reasons to choose this washer over any of the other front-load models we've tested so far:

1. You have a large family and regularly attempt to shove your surplus of dirty clothes into an already over-stuffed washer.

2. You are a laundry procrastinator and often let two-plus weeks of discarded clothes collect in a precariously growing pile. (This is where I land the majority of the time.)

3. You both have a large family and are dealing with a perpetual clothes-mountain-type situation.

Of course, this is a recommendable luxury washer in its own right, but its 5.2-cubic-foot capacity has usurped the $1,499 5-cubic-foot Samsung WF50K7500AV AddWash as the largest front-load model we've reviewed to-date. It really is the 41072's main selling point, especially if you self-identify with one of the three categories I listed above.

Five-plus cubic feet of space is much more common among top-load models like Samsung's WA52J8700, so that's another route to consider taking if capacity is a main concern.

Here's a closer look at Kenmore's 41072 against its Samsung AddWash competition:

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