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The Good Samsung's $1,499 WF50K7500AV AddWash washing machine performs well, looks good, is easy to use and has a massive 5-cubic-foot capacity.

The Bad Its hatch-like door doesn't make it any easier to do laundry and the related Samsung Smart Home Android and iPhone apps are very glitchy.

The Bottom Line You'll love the AddWash's impressive performance, large capacity and luxury black stainless finish -- just pretend that extraneous hatch door isn't there.

8.0 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Usability 8
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8

The $1,499 Samsung WF50K7500AV AddWash washing machine is a true luxury appliance. With 14 cleaning cycles, a massive 5-cubic-foot capacity, a black stainless finish and a streamlined display panel, this high-end washer is a pleasure to use. It happens to do a great job removing stains, too.

But that's not quite where the AddWash's story ends.

Samsung also tried out a couple of additional features with this appliance that didn't fare as well -- a second, smaller door that you're supposed to use to add forgotten items mid-cycle and a related Samsung Smart Home app for Android and iPhone. Since you have to pause the washer for the second door to unlock, you might as well just open the main door to add that errant sock or towel. And the app was so glitchy I never made it past the configuration phase.

Even so, Samsung's AddWash still exceeds expectations and is well worth your consideration if you're in search of a stylish and functional premium front-load washer.

One door too many

Black stainless is a relatively new finish for Samsung, one that instantly transforms an appliance from the consistently 'meh' look of traditional white washers to something decidedly more high-end. It also features a 5-cubic-foot tub, the largest of any front-load washing machine we've reviewed so far.

I also like that the AddWash supports app integration. Unfortunately, the Samsung Smart Home app, available for Android and iPhone users, was the most frustrating thing about this appliance.

A decent laundry app should let you check on the status of your washer remotely, as well as start and stop cycles. I'd also like to receive push alerts when a cycle ends.

I got so many error messages trying to configure this app that I eventually gave up.

Screenshot by CNET

Not only could I not figure out if these features were available on the Smart Home app, I couldn't even get past the initial configuration steps to view the app. I tried a number of times on both a Samsung Galaxy S5 and an iPhone 6 Plus to no avail. The screenshot to the right pretty much sums up my experience.

There's also the issue of the AddWash's second door, something I really looked forward to trying out in our appliance lab.

My initial belief was that I'd be able to open that trap door any time I wanted during a cleaning cycle to chuck in socks, hand towels and other small items (you'd really have to get creative to fit jeans or something similarly large through the AddWash compartment). And that is true...kind of. The trick is that you have to hit pause on the washer to unlock the door.

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